• All ICPics imprints are special.
    • for example, all dfinity imprint and special mentions minters got a free NFT giveaway during mint. See here for details.
  • The rose, the fern, the tulip, and the leaf — all will receive giveaways when specific targets in our roadmap is met.
  • Right now, it is impossible to snoop inside holders’ wallets to find out whether someone holds a specific NFT or not.
  • We are working with developers that make that process easier to facilitate giveaways.

What to look forward to?

There are three giveaway events that are currently in schedule. In each of these events, we will plan giveaways for micro imprint holders.

Stay tuned! Good days ahead!!!

  • PS: If you have any questions about your NFT, let us know in the ticket channel in our Discord server.

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