We, as first generational crypto-enthusiasts and neo-entrepreneurs, are breaking into the space that is traditionally governed and populated by projects with huge backers with deep marketing budgets and broad staffing. In contrast, our project is small yet our product is decisive and substantial. To that end, we wanted to value those stuck with us since our inception and supported all our idiosyncrasies with their advice and council. As an appreciation, we developed a concept—membership—which on itself is an NFT that is awarded for free to all those who participate in each of our projects.

While it is customary to have project whitelists that ultimately favors the bigwigs and automated bots, even after members spend an ample time in tweeting/retweeting messages or engage in direct marketing themselves, we took a different route. All those individuals who minted our initial genesis collection NFTs on launch day (February 4, 2022) and all those who hold our genesis collection NFTs on a specific snapshot day (March 23, 2022) would receive a tradable membership NFT for free. This membership NFT gives you the right to participate in the presale of our next NFT project—Female PFP, ahead of those who don’t have the membership NFT!

Each membership NFT holder would be given ample time to plan their purchase during the presale. The presale window will not be narrow—so, no more refreshing websites or staying glued to your screens for hours waiting for the presale to start. Your spot is already reserved, should you choose to use it!

Now, while membership NFTs are freely airdropped for you, those membership NFTs are also tradeable. If you find value in reserving a spot for our next launch but do not possess it, you may purchase the membership NFT in the secondary marketplace. It’s price is determined by it’s seller.

For the sneak peak ot the crown membership NFT, click here.

We hope this adds further clarity to our concept and more value to our project!

Stay tuned! Good days ahead!!!

  • PS: If you have any questions about your NFT, let us know in the ticket channel in our Discord server.

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