Key facts

  • Thief collection
  • 1,000 high-res images
  • Q2, 2022
  • Opt to burn the previously released NFTs (i.e., genesis) and absorb its metadata
    • Duration: 2 week window to burn genesis NFTs
    • How? During the two week burn window, holders may send their genesis NFTs to our developer’s wallet. We will send back an enhanced Thief NFT to the sender.1
  • Holders who don’t want to burn their genesis NFTs will get a regular Thief NFT after the distribution two week window.
  • Free for all genesis NFT holders.2
  • Traits
    • 995 algorithmically generated
      • Stolen Piece: Generic Art, ICPic Art
      • Background: Blue, White, Yellow
      • Complexion: Dark, Fair, Icy
      • Features: Moustache, Short Hair, Full Hair, Short Hair + Moustache, Full Hair + Moustache
      • Accessories: Hat, Gloves
      • Suit: 5 combos
      • Trousers: 3 combos
      • Last Seen: 5 venues
    • 5 Rare
      • reserved for Rose imprint burn

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We have spoken.

  1. Enhanced Thief NFT absorbs the metadata of that specific genesis NFT to itself. ↩︎

  2. Who is a holder? You are a holder if you hold a genesis NFT on March 23, 2022 11:59PM. ↩︎