• The rarest ICPics NFTs carry a strategical concealed micro imprints in its image.
  • The placement of the micro imprints is done after scanning the color map of the ICPics art; to find out the best place to covertly add them and not spoil the aesthetics of the art. For that reason, some imprints are hard to find.
  • There are two types of imprints
    • Special imprints

      • special mentions (count: 10)
        • The NFTs carry an artists’ commission (typically 2.5%) in every secondary market resale. The mentioned contributors would receive these commissions instead of the developers of the ICPics project.1
      • the classic ICP logo (count: 25)
      • The holders of these 35 NFTs at launch will receive one ICP NFT as a drop. The list of ICP NFTs that we hold can be viewed in the developers wallet page.
    • Generic imprints

      These imprints are the rarest NFTs of our collection. Holders of these NFTs will receive special considerations in our future launches. Yet to be decided!
      • the red rose (count: 5)
      • the white tulip (count: 20)
      • the green fern (count: 40)
      • the brown leaf (count: 100)

  • PS: If you have any questions about your NFT, let us know in the ticket channel in our Discord server.

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  1. To be finalized with the marketplace before implementation.↩︎