It is not a small feat to train an AI to do what you want it to do. What seems like a miniscule feature or a mundane detail for you as an artist must be explicitly dictated to the artwork generator. For this reason, we use 12 to 18 keywords that describe each attribute of the piece.

  • Step 1: We feed the keywords to the AI generator.
  • Step 2: Initialize the AI. Load dependencies, art styles, and palettes.
  • Step 3: AI renders the image.
  • Step 4: Art engine installs additional attributes that defines the rarity.
  • Step 5: Some of the artworks are prized possessions - they represent stolen art!
    • Some have damaged frames from years of getting dealt underground
    • Some are rolled up, stored without frames.
  • Step 6: Surprise features! Will be disclosed near the launch date!

  • PS: See the animated rendering of our artwork in the Showcase tab.

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